Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Poetical Works - The Original Classic Edition

Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Poetical Works - The Original Classic Edition Нажми для увеличения фото
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I love the imagery Poe conjurs. I love the dark psychological revelations experienced by the characters. Dark, intelligent, and at times underrated. Poe is probably one of the best poets/writers from his time. Died way too soon.

His body of work is a must have for anyone interested in classic and intelligent literature. His writings depicted very real characters and subjects, at times dark but always cleverly written.

Some of classic literature from this time seemed a bit dry and unwelcoming, Poes work in contrast tends to dare you to take the first step into unfamiliar territory, knowing that the journey will both enrich and challenge the reader. For anyone either new to Poes work or simply looking for something new and challenging to read, Id recommend this.

All of Edgar Allan Poes works collected into one volume. This book has a lot of stuff in it, and I still havent quite finished it.

I guess what sets this book apart from all the other collections of Poe, is the book itself. Its not annotated, but I couldnt find any collections of Poe that were; however, it does come with a great introduction. And after that, pure Poe.

The book is very sturdy, and considering its price, a great bargain. I personally cant stand the see-saw cut pages that a lot collections like this get, but this book lacks those, and that makes me happy. I also wont waste your time trying to convince how great Poe was, since the fact that youre browsing here means you already know, or at least have a clue.

While any collected Poe book would probably suit you just fine, since there is very little to distinguish them from each other, I would recommend this one, simply because when was browsing through the various collections, this one appears to be the best bang for your buck.

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